Digital Ocean, Inc. scam (US Alert Page ransomware)

Digital Ocean, Inc. scam

Hackers today continue their fraudulent activities of blocking the majority of browsers with fake NSA (National Security Agency) and Central Security Service alerts. This time they’ve invented a brand new yet fake warning, supposedly coming from Digital Ocean, Inc. The scary alert says that “All activities of this computer has … Continue reading

XTab virus folder (removal guide)

XTab virus

XTab is a special folder in the “Program Files” directory of your computer. If you use 64-bit operating system, this folder will be located in Program Files (x86) directory. This folder contains a lot of files and programs which are very malicious. In all cases they’re related to certain browser … Continue reading

How to disable QuickRef Ads

Ads by QuickRef

Ads by QuickRef popping up in your browser mean that the PC you use has been infected by adware bearing exactly this name. You will start facing a lot of QuickRef Ads to come up when you go online. No doubt, these ads will considerably distract your attention and you … Continue reading