Fast Start – how to remove it from Mozilla Firefox?

Fast Start opens in Mozilla Firefox new tab

Mozilla Firefox browser in case of being attacked by certain browser hijackers may be additionally burdened by Fast Start – the add-on which users surely do not need. Typically, the home page of Mozilla Firefox will not display Fast Start. However, opening every new search tab will reveal it to … Continue reading

Remove Ads by CosstMinn (adware)

CosttMinn adware

CosstMinn is a new adware program, and you might see it popping up in your browsers affected by it. This adware is able to convert regular words of a visited website into links. So, when you move the computer mouse towards such words, these CosstMinn Ads will pop up. Typically … Continue reading

Search Goal virus (Removal Instructions)

Search Goal browser hijacker

Search Goal is a new browser hijacker developed by Babylon Ltd. This is a potentially unwanted program which could attack your browser and cause numerous problems with it. First of all, after the attack has been accomplished, you will see Search-Goal to be displayed in the home page of the … Continue reading

HD-Quality-v2 Deals – how to remove them?

HD-Quality-v2 adware program

We’ve see HD-Quality-v2 Deals and Ads to come up when opening Walmart today. Obviously, this is yet another junkware program, which is most often referred to as adware. The adware doesn’t have in mind to help users save more funds. Its only mission is to bring earnings to its developers … Continue reading

Remove HpUI.exe (Search Protect) malware

HpUI.exe virus

HpUI.exe is a malicious process related to several browser hijackers. Istart123 is one of them. This file is a component of Sup Tab PUP (potentially unwanted program), which is installed together with Istart123 virus. HpUI.exe is the process responsible for maintenance of Search Protect – another malicious utility that is … Continue reading

Remove Browser-Enabled Online Advertising Support (adware) pop-up caused by Online Advertising Support adware

Many active Internet users these days complain that they see some strange Browser-Enabled Online Advertising Support windows popping up in their browsers. This is the problem not just for one particular browsers, but for all those you have installed on your PC. Browser-Enabled Online Advertising Support is the adware currently … Continue reading

Remove Ads by Sense (Uninstall Tutorial)

Ads by Sense

You might see some strange Ads by Sense while you surf the web. This actually means that your computer got infected with adware, which now is very active in your system. As a consequence of its installation, you will see many of such ads powered by Sense when you open … Continue reading

Groovorio Search Removal Instructions

Groovorio Search Removal Guide

In this guide we will assist you in Groovorio Search removal from browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which are the main target of Groovorio Search browser hijacker. Right now this potentially unwanted program attacks many computers in various locations. Users would like to get rid of … Continue reading

Remove HQual-V1.8 Ads and Deals

HQual-V1.8 adware

HQual-V1.8 is the adware that will display a lot of deals in front of you when you visit various commercial sites, such as Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, etc. This adware is actively spread these days along with other cost-free programs. So, you definitely need to be very careful when you are … Continue reading

Remove pop-up windows pop-up pop-up windows in your browser are the result of the adware in your PC. You could actually see such pop-ups simply as a result of clicking some malicious links, but if you see very many of them popping up periodically or regularly, this definitely means that they are powered … Continue reading