BuyNSave Ads (removal instructions)

BuyNSave Ads

BuyNSave Ads popping up in your browser mean that your PC got infected with adware. This is what now causes such ads to appear while you surf the Internet. This tutorial will give you more information about BuyNSave adware and the ways it can be deleted from your computer.

Remove pop-up scam is a site spreading a lot of annoying and extremely dangerous pop-up windows. These pop-ups are very misleading, this is why they could easily infect your browser with a lot of useless and even hazardous applications. If you see any of such pop-ups, please do not click on … Continue reading

How to remove Ttessab Ads?

Ttessab Ads

Ttessab is not simply the strange word that doesn’t make any logical sense. This is an adware, i.e. the program designed specifically in order to display a lot of its intrusive ads in your browser. As a result, you will see a lot of ads by Ttessab popping up when … Continue reading

WindowsProtectManger Service removal tool

WindowsProtectManger Service

WindowsProtectManger is a potentially unwanted application, which is a part of many browser hijackers today. For example, it often goes together with WebsSearches, MyStartSearch, and other hijackers of similar kind. You may actually see WindowsProtectManger as an active process in your computer if you open the Task Manager of your … Continue reading virus (removal instructions) hijacker

Sometimes users see to be set in the home page of their browsers, instead of or any other default page they like. This actually means that these browsers got hijacked by As a result, this is what they see when opening browsers each time. In this guide … Continue reading

Remove InterYield pop-ups InterYield pop-up

The website is malicious, since it is in charge of displaying a lot of InterYield pop-up windows in your browser. In fact, things are even more serious if you ever encounter these InterYield pop-ups coming from website. Most often this means that your computer has already become infected … Continue reading