Remove ConvertFilesForFree Ads

ConvertFilesForFree ads

We’ve recently seen some unusual ads by ConvertFilesForFree. It is obvious that they’re powered by ConvertFilesForFree program, which is sometimes installed together with many free applications. If you actually uninstall them, you will still have ConvertFilesForFree installed and running in your PC. In this guide we will explain to you … Continue reading

RockResult Ads – how to remove?

RockResult Ads

RockResult is a new adware. Its purpose is not to help you while you look for something in the Internet, but rather to use your PC and your browser as tools for earning money for those who own and distribute it in the world wide web. In this guide we … Continue reading

How to remove from home page? virus

In case you see in the home page of your browser, then truly something wrong has happened recently. To be quite fair with you, this means that your browser has been hijacked by, also known as Web Search hijacker. This is what you now see in the home … Continue reading

BuyNSave Ads (removal instructions)

BuyNSave Ads

BuyNSave Ads popping up in your browser mean that your PC got infected with adware. This is what now causes such ads to appear while you surf the Internet. This tutorial will give you more information about BuyNSave adware and the ways it can be deleted from your computer.

Remove pop-up scam is a site spreading a lot of annoying and extremely dangerous pop-up windows. These pop-ups are very misleading, this is why they could easily infect your browser with a lot of useless and even hazardous applications. If you see any of such pop-ups, please do not click on … Continue reading