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How to get rid of / remove Ads by Serpens?

Ads by Serpens

Some browsers today are contaminated with Serpens Ads, which are the result of Serpens adware to be enabled. This is definitely the potentially unwanted program PUP) which you do not need. Yet, sometimes people do install it as a result of their failure to be duly careful. In this tutorial you will find out the way to delete Ads by Serpens from all your browsers.

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Search Know 2.0.5777.20397 adware removal instructions

Ads by Search Know

Search Know 2.0.5777.20397 is a disgusting adware from the BrowseFox family of similar infections. Most often the attack of this application is directed at browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The alternative name for this adware is Search Know 2.0.5785.36654.

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Get rid of Candle Jar Ads (BrowseFox adware)

Candle Jar Ads

Candle Jar Ads and the exact program called like that belongs to the large family of adware from the BrowseFox or Yontoo family. This application is spread in the Internet today through integration with many other free software. Once installed, it starts displaying various annoying advertisements labelled as “brought by Candle Jar“, “powered by Candle Jar“, or simply as “Candle Jar advertisements“. When you check the list of legally installed programs in your computer you will definitely be able to notice this program as installed. Also, it installs its components directly into your browser through adding appropriate extensions (add-ons). In addition to Ads by Candle Jar, the adware causes a lot of sudden pop-ups and browser redirection problems to occur in your computer.

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How to get rid of Middle Rush 2.0.5708.25205 adverts?

Ads by Middle Rush

Middle Rush is an adware from the BrowseFox family. It is in the traditions of this family to display a lot of annoying advertisements everywhere through the infected browser. These adverts may be labelled as “Brought by Middle Rush”, “Powered by Middle Rush”, or “Middle Rush Advertisements”.

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How to remove pop-ups? pop-ups

Numerous pop-up windows coming from site are extremely dangerous. The fact is that you may be brought to all sorts of dangerous places through them. When these pop-ups do occur in your browser, this actually means that the computer is indeed infected with some adware or potentially unwanted software. This guide has the aim to help you in fixing redirection and to fix your browser infected by adware.

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Remove Canopus Ads. How to block Ads by Canopus?

Ads by Canopus

Do you see unwanted Ads by Canopus, powered by Canopus, brought by Canopus and other variants of intrusive advertisements in your browser? If so, then most likely your computer got infected by a serious adware. It is the successor of similar programs like LaSuperba or Eridanus, which were also responsible for causing plenty of intrusive advertisements in browsers.

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How to remove Catered to You Ads – BrowseFox adware?

Catered to You Ads

Catered to You Ads and numerous pop-ups related to these ads are the result of BrowseFox adware to attack your PC. The adware is not concealed in any hidden folder. In fact, you may easily trace its presence in your computer when you access the list of legally installed applications of your computer. Additionally, you will detect Catered to You add-on to be specified in the list of add-ons or extensions of your browsers.

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How to remove Cinema_Plus-6.1cV04.11 Ads

Ads by Cinema_Plus-6.1cV04.11

Cinema_Plus-6.1cV04.11 is the adware displaying intrusive advertisement banners labelled as “brought by Cinema_Plus-6.1cV04.11” and offering some related products while you browse the web. It might be that you haven’t yet started to look for anything specific, but then suddenly these Ads by Cinema_Plus-6.1cV04.11 appear.

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Ads by Browser App v1 shopping removal tool

Ads by Browser App v1 shopping may pop up when you visit some commercial stores online. You may go to Walmart or Ebay and then be redirected to various third-party domains like, which will be related to this adware. But even when you stay on decent sites like Walmart, you will still notice these Ads by Browser App v1 shopping in form of advertisement banners.

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WNet.exe (32 bit) virus. How to remove WNet program?

WNet is the adware application developed by Br Software company. Once installed, the program will execute its process called WNet.exe, which may be easily traced through the Task Manager. The process will be called as simply WNet.exe, or WNet.exe (32 bit).

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