Remove scam scam

Browsers in the US may be attacked by a real scam coming from website. This is a new domain name that is actively used by cyber frauds to implant ransomware into the majority of Internet browsers today. This icludes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Not only Windows operating systems are under the attack, but also Apple OS X, and even systems like Android and iOS as well. This website is engaged in distributing a special malicious script that attacks your browser and displays a scary message, supposedly coming from FBI and its Cybercrime Division, as well as International Cyber Security Protection Alliance, with some versions of this ransomware even showing even the image of Barack Obama pointing at you. Truly, this is a scam that requires from us to warn you of it ahead of time.

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Beware of security-scan-[random].in sites spreading FBI MoneyPak virus

Security-scan FBI warning virus

FBI virus, also known as FBI MoneyPak ransomware, is actively spread these days among many PCs all over the world. This virus can be spread through sites that look pretty much like security-scan-[random].in. More and more of similar websites are actively involved in this scam designed by cyber hackers and frauds who want to steal your money by tricking you into paying the fake fine, which is a ransom in reality. The PCs located in the United States of America are actively attacked by this FBI MoneyPak virus. However, if you live in some other country and use software like Hotspot Shield to surf the web through the US IP addresses, there is a chance that you will catch this ransomware virus infection as well.

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Der Browser wird von Bundespolizei (GVU) gesperrt. Wie können Sie ihn freischalten?

Zugang von Ihrem Browser wurde vorläufig aus den unten aufgelisteten Gründen gesperrt

Zur Zeit wütet einen neuen Virus im Internet-Netz, der Ihren Browser leicht sperrt kann. Der Browser wird in Form der Nachricht von Bundespolizei (GVU) gesperrt, wo Sie angeklagt werden, dass Sie den Browser zu rechtswidrigen Zwecken genutzt haben, und laut den deutschen Gesetzten wurde Ihr Browser gesperrt. Auf dieser Webseite veröffentlichen wir zumeist die Artikel in englischer Sprache, aber in Verbindung damit, dass dieser Virus die Computer im Deutschland begann zu attackieren, veröffentlichen wir die Anleitung zur Entfernung dieses Virus auf Deutsch. Höchstwahrscheinlich wird dieser Virus von bestimmten Schwindlern aus den GUS-Ländern entwickelt und verbreitet, die auf leichtes Einkommen durch Furchterregung und Täuschung von natürlichen und vertrauensseligen Nutzern hoffen, die im Internet-Netz ziemlich aktiv sind. Die Aufgabe unserer Webseite ist Sie vor Fehlern zu warnen, zu denen dieser Virus Sie aufrückt. Laut diesen Vorschriften können Sie Ihren Browser leicht freischalten, unabhängig davon, welchen von ihnen meistens benutzen Sie.

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Remove pop-up windows

PremiumVideoUpdates windows

The message from website is a scam. Please don’t treat it as a real necessity to update anything on your PC. This is the attempt of cyber frauds to implant even more stubborn adware into your computer. Beware of it! In this guide we will explain to you more about how tricky and yet dangerous this pop-up window is, and how to deal with it.

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Браузер заблокирован – как разблокировать? - браузер заблокирован

В настоящее время в сети Интернет, которая, несомненно, “развивается как спецпроект ЦРУ США”, свирепствует новый вирус, который легко может заблокировать Ваш браузер. На данном сайте мы преимущественно публикуем статьи на английском языке, однако в связи с тем, что данный вирус стал атаковать компьютеры, расположенные в Российской Федерации, мы публикуем руководство по удалению данного вируса на русском языке. Итак, что же это за вирус? Неужели очередная проделка ЦРУ США, или, быть может, его корни ведут к Визитке Яроша? На самом деле, ни то, ни другое. Данный вирус, скорее всего, разрабатывался и распространяется определенными мошенниками из стран СНГ, которые жаждут легкой наживы путем запугивания и обмана простых и доверчивых пользователей, достаточно активных в сети Интернет. Задача нашего сайта – предостеречь Вас от выполнения Вами ошибок, к которым Вас подталкивает данный вирус. Следуя данным инструкциям Вы сможете легко разблокировать Ваш браузер, независимо от того, какой именно из них Вы преимущественно используете.

Continue reading – scam! scam is a fake FBI Interpol alert. This is a new virus attacking many browsers today. No person can be the exception when this scam targets your PC. Most often this problem is the result of the vulnerability of your browser. As a result, this fake FBI Interpol Warning comes up and occupies the entire area of your browser, without letting you use it. It is true that your browser is blocked, and this is exactly what the fake FBI warning indicates.

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The website is a new website engaged in scaring active Internet users today. It spreads a very scary page, supposedly coming from the FBI or similar police body of some other country. Even though mainly this scam now attacks the United States. The trick is that this is a fake FBI warning alert, which is not a real one. It actually condemns users of committing all kinds of crimes online, and says that their browser has been blocked for such violations.

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Beware of these two similar websites – and They are related to a scam that is being widely spread among many PCs these days. This is a special kind of computer infection that nowadays attacks many browsers. Mainly this happens with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, even though other browsers aren’t an exception. In this tutorial you will find out how to get rid of the scam that is spread through both of these websites.

Continue reading scam may lock your browser virus is a new malicious website that is engaged in blocking many browsers today with a scary police or FBI warning, even though obviously it’s a fake alert. This problem is mainly the issue for browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (both in Windows and in Mac OSX). Right now this scam seems to be actively spreading both in the United States and in Europe, targeting many PCs and trying to make users pay money to unlock their browsers brutally blocked by this fake police scary alert. Following this guide will help you to unlock your browser, no matter which operating system and/or browser you normally use.

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Beware of and sites virus

Both of these websites, and, are very scary. They’re related to a computer virus that is actively spread these days, classified as a ransomware with the ability to block several popular browsers. Once the browser is blocked the scary and fake FBI warning is presented in it, occupying the entire area of browser. Users hardly can do anything to shut it down. In this guide we will explain to you how to solve the problem and fix your browser infected with this virus.

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