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Your computer has been locked ransomware (removal instructions)

There’s a serious infection that attacks thousands if not millions of computers these days. It bears quite a scary title that states: “Your computer has been locked”. This is a true statement. Indeed, the PC got locked, however, the reason for this horrible event to take place with your computer is not associated with any of the governmental agencies (as stated in the warning). Instead, this “locked” status is caused by the team of online hackers who in this manner attempt to earn as much money as possible.

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Remove the ICE Cyber Crime Center virus

Meet another ransomware-type desktop hijacker that completely disables infected PC. It has the title as “ICE Cyber Crime Center”. This virus at present days primarily attacks computers located primarily in the United States of America, possibly some other English-speaking countries as well. The program says that user was noticed to engage himself/herself in illegal activities over the world wide web, allegedly resulting in locked status of his/her computer. Here is the quote of the fake accusation expressed with regard to user of the infected computer. No doubt, to receive such an unexpected warning is quite scary for unwary users that don’t realize they are being tricked by the malware developers.

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