Month: June 2013


Wie kann Man GVU Virus entfernen?

Um GVU Trojaner zu löschen, empfehlen wir einen Systemwiederherstellungspunkt zur PC-Wiederherstellung zu einem früheren Zeitpunkt zu nutzen. Starten Sie Ihren PC mit dem Reset-Taster neu und bevor Windows bootet, drücken Sie F8-Taste wiederholt. Wählen Sie den Abgesicherten Modus mit Eingabeaufforderung (DOS-Prompt). Melden Sie sich als Benutzer des Computers an, der […]

Fake AV

Remove ildefender.exe virus

These guidelines explain removal of Internet Security Pro virus, where ildefender.exe is its core process. Successful termination of this main process is the key to effective removal of the whole malware named Internet Security Pro. Use these tips to terminate ildefender.exe with ruskill.exe.

Fake AV

Security_cleaner.exe virus

Security_cleaner.exe is an executable through which System Care Antivirus is being successfully brought to many attacked computers these days. We found out about this method of malware infiltration recently. It is also peculiar that this rogue AV is spread through certain browser vulnerabilities which may become inherent to browsers like […]

Fake AV

Tdefender.exe virus process (removal instructions)

We devote these instructions to termination of tdefender.exe virus process. Internet Security Pro is the malware where tdefender.exe is used as its main executable. Successful termination of this process is the key to further successful elimination of this malware off your computer. Please follow the guidelines below to make it […]

Fake AV

Remove System Defender Antivirus

System Defender Antivirus has some features of antivirus software, but the true fact we know about it is that this is a fake antispyware utility, also classified by many security blogs as rogue. The program is the product of online hackers and cyber fraudsters who can’t wait until they deceive […]