Month: October 2013


Remove Ads by a2zLyrics from all browsers

Ads by a2zLyrics is a new adware program which integrates itself with all available browsers which are installed on a targeted computer. This application can be fairly categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to many negative amendments initiated by it. For example, whenever you open your default browser […]


BKA Trojaner (BundesKriminalamt ransomware)

BKA Trojaner is a computer infection currently targeting German-speaking countries (Austria, Switzerland,Belgium, and Germany, of course). It is quite possible that other countries might be attacked by this virus as well. The program is classified as a ransomware because it completely locks the desktop of the infected PC and then […]

Adware popup (removal instructions) pop-ups may come up periodically or even regularly in your browser if you installed some freeware program from all kinds of suspicious online resources. There are many of such applications which users tend to download online every day. The problem is not in these utilities but rather in the […]