Month: December 2013 pop-up

Beware of pop-ups

The pop-up from the site is dangerous. Clicking it and following its misleading instructions may bring a lot of potentially unwanted applications into your computer. The best solution to which you may and should come to is to ignore these annoying pop-ups from, and follow the instruction for […] pop-up

Get rid of pop-up

This guide is about removal of misleading pop-ups from your browser. If you see them regularly this means your computer is infected with certain adware program which represents danger for your system. These pop-ups originated by it are not just misleading but also dangerous. Clicking them may lead you […]

Browser hijackers

Remove Nationzoom Portal Site

Nationzoom Portal Site is a computer infection attacking contemporary browsers today. This virus is spread through various illegal methods, but primarily the distribution of the malware occurs through other programs bundled with it. You’ve got to be careful whenever dealing with freeware utilities, making sure you do not install anything […] pop-up
Fake AV pop-ups – how to remove

The pop-ups from site are related to the presence of certain adware program running on your computer, such as BetterSurf, Webexp Enhanced, LyricsSay, etc. They’re dangerous because of presenting a lot of false information which leads users to unsafe websites which implant other malwares and adwares into your system. […]