Month: May 2014 pop-up window
Adware pop-up removal instructions is yet another pop-up window related to the annoying activity of some particular adware program currently installed on your computer. In times you see such pop-ups you need to realize that they don’t occur on your PC without a reason. There’s some sort of program that causes them […]

Start-Search hijacker
Browser hijackers

Remove Start-Search hijack

Is your browser infected with Start-Search browser hijacker? We actually know what it takes to look for some information through other third-party websites, which are not genuine search engines. This is exactly what happens when your browser has been infected with This website is now set in the home […] scam

Remove survey pop-ups

There is a danger when you see surveys popping up. The truth is that they’re not related at all to Microsoft Inc., even though they are presented in the form of questionnaires supposedly from this company, where you’re supposed to give some feedback about the performance of Internet Explorer […]

Hot Finder virus
Browser hijackers

Remove Hot Finder virus

Hot Finder is a malware attacking many browsers these days. Its intrusion may take place into all major browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Once them attack has been successfully accomplished, this browser hijacker modifies the parameter of the home page of affected browser, making it […]
Browser hijackers hijack removal tool is a new browser hijacker, currently attacking browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This hijacker is actively distributed together with many other free applications downloaded by users from various online software download websites. You should be careful when dealing with these free programs. Pay attention to […]

Max Start Search hijack
Browser hijackers

Remove Max Start Search browser infection

Max Start Search is a browser hijacker causing search engine redirection through This hijacker is nowadays actively spread together with many other free programs downloaded by users online. The problem is that they often don’t pay much attention as to what exactly they’re installing into their PCs. This is […]

Ads by CouponDownloader

Ads by CouponDownloader Removal Tutorial

CouponDownloader Ads, also known simply as Ads by CouponDownloader, is a sign of your PC infected with adware. This annoying and absolutely useless application may enter your PC and become closely integrated with your browser. This unwanted adware intrusion often takes place when users download and install some free applications […]