Month: July 2014

HD-Quality-v2 adware program

HD-Quality-v2 Deals – how to remove them?

We’ve see HD-Quality-v2 Deals and Ads to come up when opening Walmart today. Obviously, this is yet another junkware program, which is most often referred to as adware. The adware doesn’t have in mind to help users save more funds. Its only mission is to bring earnings to its developers […]

Groovorio Search Removal Guide
Browser hijackers

Groovorio Search Removal Instructions

In this guide we will assist you in Groovorio Search removal from browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which are the main target of Groovorio Search browser hijacker. Right now this potentially unwanted program attacks many computers in various locations. Users would like to get rid of […]

HQual-V1.8 adware

Remove HQual-V1.8 Ads and Deals

HQual-V1.8 is the adware that will display a lot of deals in front of you when you visit various commercial sites, such as Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, etc. This adware is actively spread these days along with other cost-free programs. So, you definitely need to be very careful when you are […] pop-up

Remove pop-up windows pop-up windows in your browser are the result of the adware in your PC. You could actually see such pop-ups simply as a result of clicking some malicious links, but if you see very many of them popping up periodically or regularly, this definitely means that they are powered […] pop-up

Remove pop-up windows

In case your PC has been affected by adware you could see some strange pop-up windows coming from websites. Basically, this pop-up presents a lot of fake information, which must not be trusted by you. So, even if you’ve seen this pop-up, this is not the worst thing […]

iStart123 virus
Browser hijackers

Remove istart123 virus

Following this guide will help you to remove iStart123 malware from your browser. This is a potentially unwanted program classified by us as browser hijacker. It is the product of Polypower Technology Co.,Limited (“Polypower”), the Chinese company responsible for development and distribution of all sorts of other junkware programs.

Obrona VPN Deals

Obrona VPN Deals adware (removal guide)

You might encounter a lot of Obrona VPN Deals when surfing the web. In this case, your computer has a problem. Why do we think so? The truth is that Obrona VPN Deals is a potentially unwanted application which often comes into computers without user’s consent or approval. This often […]