Month: January 2015

CinPlus-2.4cV22.01 adware

CinPlus-2.4cV22.01 adware removal

Ads brought by CinPlus-2.4cV22.01 popping up in your browser prove that there’s some nasty adware inside of your system right now. The name of this adware is titled exactly the same – CinPlus-2.4cV22.01. However, it may be slightly different depending on the date when the adware attack took place – […]

Shopperz Ads

Shopperz Ads – how to remove?

Shopperz Ads, which pop-up in your browser, mean that your computer has become contaminated with this serious adware. Most likely you’ve been lately installing some other free applications which were bundled with Shopperz. As a result, you right now see a lot of its ads to pop up in various […]

Ads brought by Zoomify

ZoomPic adware. Removal tool

ZoomPic stands for a brand new and quite annoying adware invading the majority of widely used browsers these days. To be more precise, this program infects the entire system with its numerous files, registry entries, processes and services. The purpose of this adware is to display a lot of ads […] pop-up
Malicious sites pop-up removal is a site engaged in distribution of fake Adobe Flash Player pop-ups. These pop-ups are distributed in browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox mainly, and through all other browsers infected by adware. This tutorial will help you to know more information about the danger related to […]