Month: March 2015

Ads by BoBrowser

Ads by BoBrowser. How to delete them?

Sometimes while surfing the world wide web you may see a lot of intrusive Ads by BoBrowser to pop up. As a general rule, these ads will not represent any valuable information before you. There might be cases when they will be relevant to your search queries made through some […]

Ads by SquareTrace

How to disable SquareTrace Ads

While browsing the web you may see strange SquareTrace Ads in your browser. There may be various advertisement banners titled as “brought by SquareTrace”, SquareTrace Best Coupons, or simply Ads by SquareTrace to be placed in various parts of your screen. If so, then your browser is surely in a […]

Ads brought by Webspeed

Webspeed Ads. How to remove

Webspeed adware is a new quite annoying application invading the majority of browsers today, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The adware adds its own extension into these browsers and starts displaying a lot of intrusive ads, offers and deals titled as “brought by Webspeed”. These ads mainly […]

Defender Pro 2015
Fake AV

Defender Pro 2015 rogue uninstall guide

Defender Pro 2015 stands for a new rogue antispyware program. Its methods to penetrate into PCs are always illegal. Its goal is to steal money out of your pocket. Obviously, it is not a good application to keep in your computer. Furthermore, it represents serious danger. Hence, once you detect […]

BobyZoom Ads

BobyZoom Ads (removal guide)

If you see BobyZoom Ads then your browser is surely in a trouble. This problem most likely happens with all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. As a result, you will see many Ads brought by BobyZoom to come up in various parts of the websites […]

PlumoWeb Ads

PlumoWeb Ads (removal guide)

PlumoWeb Ads may pop up in the majority of browsers today, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This program is fairly classified as adware. Its ads mainly pop up when users visit various e-commerce websites. Yet, it doesn’t really intend to help you save more money from your […]

Wild West Ads

Wild West Ads. Removal solution

Wild West Ads popping up in your browser isn’t a tragedy. Yet, this is a signal for you to start cleaning your computer. Otherwise you’re risking to soon see your system full of other unwanted applications. Adware called Wild West is not a virus, but it isn’t a good application […]

Malicious sites pop-ups. How to remove them website is associated to distribution of many annoying pop-up windows through the majority of browsers today, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Yet, their multiple occurrence is explained by the presence of some nasty adware in your computer. The fact that these pop-ups appear means that your […]