Month: June 2015 pop-up
Malicious sites pop-up removal tool is a website causing a lot of problems. Nowadays it is actively engaged in distribution of massive spam alerts and sudden pop-ups through all widely used browsers, being related to various adware programs. For examples, PCs infected with CutThePrice infection may experience the problem of sudden pop-ups and intrusive […]

CutThePrice adware installer

How to remove CutThePrice 2.4 Ads from browser?

CutThePrice problem happens with many PCs today. Ads by CutThePrice are caused by a potentially unwanted program belonging to the category of “adware”, according to the correct classification by many security blogs and antivirus applications. Intrusive advertisements caused by it don’t allow active PC users to enjoy their Internet browsing. […]

Ads by Sale Charger detected by Trojan Killer

Removing Ads by Sale Charger

Sale Charger as an adware cannot render you help in finding better prices while shopping online. The application simply doesn’t have in mind to assist people as they shop online. Quite to the contrary, in fact. This program distracts you greatly when you attempt to visit certain commercial pages. Its […]

Dregol Search
Browser hijackers

Dregol Search Virus & wie sie ihn beseitigen

Erscheint beim Öffnen Ihres Browsers Dregol Search? Falls dies der Fall ist, ist dies außergewöhnlich. Wenn Sie in das Adressfeld tippen und “Enter” drücken, kommen Sie natürlich direkt auf diese Website. Jedoch sprechen wir hier über eine völlig andere Sache. In dieser Anleitung informieren wir Sie über die Schwierigkeiten, […]

Browser hijackers

Het Everything.exe virus

Het Everything.exe virus is een proces verbonden met enkele lastige browser hijackers. Vele gebruikers vinden het erg moeilijk om af te geraken van sommige hijackers zoals Mysearch123 of Delta Homes. Wat ze ook doen, deze hijackers zullen zichtbaar blijven als ze hun browser openen. Dit komt door de aanwezigheid van […]