Month: September 2015

Browser hijackers hijack. How to eliminate? has the “fame” of a new nasty hijacker infecting many widely used browsers today. The hijacker may attack Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and even Microsoft Edge browsers. All such unexpected events take place after you fail to be duly attentive and install different free applications.


Deal Maverick Ads. Best removal solution

This guide is dedicated to removal of Deal Maverick advertisements from your computer. At present time many users actually complain about the permanent occurrence of these ads everywhere around. Whenever they go online to look for something important, these advertisements appear and don’t allow users to surf the web freely.

Ads by Lasuperba

LaSuperba Ads – adware removal guide

Ads by LaSuperba currently attack many PCs actively used for browsing the world wide web. People complain about the multitude of such LaSuperba advertisement to pop up on a permanent basis. They try to get rid of these ads in a regular way, yet after they uninstall any suspicious programs, […]