Month: April 2016 scam
Malicious sites virus removal tool is a web site which plays direct role in causing redirection of your browser to random web sites of extremely bad reputation. In fact, many of them are fairly considered as extremely dangerous. For this reason we do believe that this very domain is malicious. If you see […]

Browser hijackers

WFini.exe (32 bit) virus removal tool

WFini.exe is a malicious application associated to operation of several nasty browser hijackers. For example, it is related to performance of YesSearches, HohoSearch and some other nasty browser hijackers developed in China. You may notice WFini.exe process as active when you open the Task Manager program in your computer. It […]

HohoSearch hijacker
Browser hijackers

HohoSearch virus removal tool

HohoSearch is a browser hijacker attacking computers and browsers specifically. The hijacker is one of those nasty applications developed in China. Hence, based on our previous experience of removing similar hijackers, we can definitely say that it is not as easy to get rid of it manually as it seems […]

GsearchFinder extension
Browser hijackers

GsearchFinder malware removal guide

GsearchFinder is a malicious extension for Mozilla Firefox browser. The extension can be installed together with some other free applications. Also, it is the part of YesSearches browser hijacker currently actively infecting many computers in the world. GsearchFinder causes a lot of other troubles specifically for Mozilla Firefox […]


Remove Celcikwea Ads From Browser

Celcikwea program represents danger for your computer. Once installed, it will start displaying many intrusive advertisement banners. Typically they will be marked as brought by Celcikwea, powered by Celcikwea, or simply as Ads by Celcikwea. But in addition to advertisement banners you may be redirected to all kinds of malicious […]