Month: June 2016 popup
Fake AV virus removal tool

Are you facing the multitude of pop-ups in your screen right now? If this is what happens with your system then your entire workstation has become infected with adware or some other PUP (potentially unwanted program). This isn’t a virus in the full meaning of this word, but this […] scam
Malicious sites scam removal help

Many users are facing the load of pop-ups to accompany their search. This guide will help you to get rid of such nasty pop-up windows fully from your system. It is dangerous to interact with these pop-up windows, since their only goal is to steal your money eventually.

bservice.exe (bservice64.exe)

Remove bservice.exe (bservice64.exe) viruses

Programs called bservice.exe and bservice64.exe are very malicious, being bundled with certain free software. In particular, these two applications can be installed into PCs together with Clean Browser adware developed by Stunning Apps. This is the program designed specifically to display the wide range of intrusive advertisement banners through your […]