Month: June 2016 popup
Malicious sites scam elimination tool pop-ups represent horrible scam for many users. Suddenly after starting to browse the web they start facing the multitude of pop-ups in their browsers. The message given by these alerts says that the PC is in the horrible condition and that users need to call certain number toll-free […]

QkseeSvc.exe virus
Browser hijackers

QkseeSvc.exe virus process removal

QkseeSvc.exe is a malicious process related to several nasty browser hijackers today, such as HohoSearch, YesSearches, etc. QkseeSvc.exe may be installed together with these hijackers and the wide range of other potentially unwanted programs, which are meant to protect the nasty hijackers from being easily deleted by users. We’re absolutely […]

EasyDialSearch virus
Browser hijackers

EasyDialSearch virus removal tutorial

EasyDialSearch stands for a new quite intrusive browser hijacker which may easily penetrate into all popular browsers these days and cause many unwanted browser redirection issues. The hijacker amends the home page to start with and additionally makes all your search queries to be redirected through other third-party websites, […]