ProcessorCactus adware removal guide (Mac).

ProcessorCactus stands for a new adware-type application that now attacks Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser. This particular adware is the part of the AdLoad adware family. It attacks Mac computers. The adware ProcessorCactus is spread through fake browser or software update alerts. Also, it may be integrated with […]

EmergingZip adware

EmergingZip adware on Mac (Removal Guide).

This tutorial will provide you with detailed instructions that will help you to remove the EmergingZip adware from your Mac computer. This adware attacks the majority of Mac-related browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and, of course, Safari. EmergingZip is also considered to be a potentially unwanted application (PUA) […]

AgentAdmin adware

AgentAdmin adware removal (Mac).

AgentAdmin adware now attacks many Mac browsers – Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This adware, by the way, is the part of the AdLoad family. The adware shows ads not related to the sites that you visit. In most of the cases, this adware shows advertisements on top of […]