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Andrey Gvozd a.k.a. Andrew McPherson

We at do understand how important privacy is to all our visitors, fans, followers, customers, users of our recommended software, and even our competitors and those who don’t like us for some reasons. This is why in our Privacy Statement we will be absolutely sincere, open and fair with you regarding the way we run and how we treat you as far as your privacy is concerned.

Mission of a website.

The site has the mission to assist computer users in malware removal and fixing their PCs troubled by malware. The site doesn’t intend to force you into buying any software, even though it may recommend certain anti-virus programs to you. If you want to support this project and its author financially – simply let other people, your friends and relatives know about it. Start spreading the news about our site on Facebook, forums, and other websites!

Recommended anti-malware software.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware is a powerful anti-malware tool which is regularly and timely updated to meet the most complex challenges of online security. Its new integrated engines allow users to get rid of those computer infections which nest deep inside your system and often can’t be traced by standard anti-viruses. It is powerful of removing all infections, starting from browser hijackers, adware, rogue security programs, and ending up with most stubborn viruses like ZeroAccess rootkit. Note that Plumbytes Anti-Malware is a shareware application. Its trial is limited to free scanning only. In order to delete detected infections you will need to purchase its full version. If you decide to use Plumbytes Anti-Malware on your computer and purchase it, the information you specify in the respective payment processing forms online will not be disclosed to any third parties, except for the companies that arrange payment processing for your order. Your name, surname, telephone number and email address will be solely used for the purpose of contacting you in case you require assistance in fixing your computer.

Built-in chat.

The chat window that pops up when you visit means that the site administrator is online and is ready to assist you in any issues with your computer if you need help in fixing your PC. If you don’t want to chat at all, just shut down the chat pop-up window, and it will be minimized. When the site administrator is off-line, you will still be able to contact us through sending us a message by email through this chat (you will need to click it for this purpose). This chat is built-in into website. Please do not worry! It is not some malware or adware your computer. It is just a component of our website to assist you in solving issues with your computer in case you need our help. The chat is powered by, the company that develops the software for online customer support and interactive live communications. We don’t collect any personal information you might specify during the chat, such as your name, email, telephone number, etc. If you share it with us we will not disclose it to anybody else, even though the copy of our chat with you will be automatically sent to our email for archives.

Time for onine chat.

The chat is online during the week through 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. of London time, except for Wednesdays and Sundays (unless force majeure events occur). If the chat is not online, you still can send us the off-line message.


This site is powered by site admin and its only publisher and content writer – Andrey Gvozd. Andrew McPherson is my pseudonym. I currently live in Ukraine and am self-employed. Through my website I promote anti-malware programs like SpyHunter, Plumbytes Anti-Malware, Combo Cleaner, etc. Through my website I do not prompt users into purchasing any particular software, even though I do believe that these are excellent anti-malware tools you need to have on your computer. When users ask me, I often try to help them in fixing their computers for free through manual PC repair and malware removal. This is the information about me on social networks:


While you visit this website, I ask you to be polite and not to use any abusive or offensive language in comments, through sending emails or during chat. I promise to understand you the best I can and to assist you in fixing the problem you have with your PC.


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