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Quick Mac Booster
Fake AV

Quick Mac Booster Uninstall Guide

Quick Mac Booster is a potentially unwanted program attacking Mac computers and essentially disturbing many customers right now. At first glance, it looks that Quick Mac Booster is a tool that tries to improve the performance of your Mac. However, this application was solely designed to force you into wasting […]

Mac Tweak Pro
Fake AV

Mac Tweak Pro virus removal guide (Mac).

Mac Tweak Pro is a new potentially unwanted program that currently attacks many Mac computers. Mac Tweak Pro is actually a totally fake system optimization utility. It is absolutely not able to provide any decent services for your Mac. Instead, Mac Tweak Pro slows down the system performance and permanently […] popup
Fake AV virus removal tool

Are you facing the multitude of pop-ups in your screen right now? If this is what happens with your system then your entire workstation has become infected with adware or some other PUP (potentially unwanted program). This isn’t a virus in the full meaning of this word, but this […] virus
Fake AV

Remove pop-up scam is a dangerous and quite tricky website engaged in promotion of various doubtful and even illegal software. It may suddenly appear in your browser today. Some users are experienced enough to identify that such pop-ups are misleading and must not be tolerated. Whereas some would think that these are […]

eFast browser
Fake AV

Uninstall eFast Browser (removal instructions)

eFast Browser developed by ClaraLabSoftware is a potentially unwanted software currently attacking many computers in various locations. Once enabled, the program will add the portion of icons to your Desktop supposedly to help you accessing the most favorite sites better. Yet, is done for the purpose of tracking over your […]

AntiVirus Pro 2017 hoax
Fake AV

AntiVirus Pro 2017 malware removal tool

AntiVirus Pro 2017 is new malicious application classified as fake antispyware (Fake AV). Recently it has started to spread in the Internet by leaps and bounds. The program infects PCs in various locations where Internet is available. This fake antispyware has a slogan “Designed to protect”, whereas in reality this […]