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Windows Internet Guard virus
Fake AV

Windows Internet Guard scam

Windows Internet Guard is a virus, not a real antivirus software. So,if you’ve suddenly seen this program on your PC, do not trust it. It is not what it claims of itself. This is a typical scareware, a fake anti-spyware program developed by several frauds. Their only aim is to […]

Fake AV

Windows Web Watchdog removal tool

Windows Web Watchdog is a new fake antivirus program. In other words, it is not what it claims of itself. This is the application designed by the team of cyber frauds who want to get your money into possession. The truth, however, is that they don’t give you anything back. […]

Windows Pro Defence Kit virus
Fake AV

Windows Pro Defence Kit fake antivirus

Windows Pro Defence Kit is a new malicious program currently attacking many PCs in various locations of the world. This is a rogue antivirus that belongs to the FakeVimes virus family. The majority of the representatives of malwares from this rogue family generally don’t last for a very long time. […]

Windows Defence Unit scam
Fake AV

Windows Defence Unit removal tool

Windows Defence Unit is a serious rogue antispyware program which may easily attack your PC in times when it is seriously vulnerable to virus attacks. This may take place as a result of weak anti-virus protection of your system. Users definitely need to remove Windows Defence Unit from their PCs, […]