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Dregol Search limericks

Dregol Search

There was a your girl from North Pole
Whose PC got attacked by Dregol.
Well, her system is freezing –
Dregol is so teasing
Not letting her use it at all.

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Lyrics about Trovigo hijack removal with Anti-Malware browser hijacker

There was a young buddy from Piggot
Whose Firefox got hijacked by Trovigo
With huge mess on PC
He was able to see
How his problems got bigger and bigger.
To hunt for malware he was eager,
He found Anti-Malware, which figured
The bunch of infections, and got his affection,
And made Firefox faster and vigour.

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Qone8 Lyrics redirect virus

There was a sweet girl named Kate
Whose Firefox was stuck with Qone8.
When she found Anti-Malware,
An excellent cleaner,
She could hardly pronounce “Wow! Great!”

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