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Your browser has been blocked is a malicious website related to a serious computer virus that hijacks many browsers today. This website implants a special infection into browser. This infection is classified as ransomware because it locks your browser and tells you to pay a ransom to unlock it. On the other hand, this is a malware that possesses with the features of a browser hijacker. No matter how it is classified, the website is actively used by hackers these days to target many computers, primarily those in the United States of America.

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Your browser has been blocked is one more website, which together with other malicious domains is actively used by hackers for speading a very scary message among browsers. This message is presented as some police warning, obviously a fake one. It says that because of some of your illegal activities when online your browser has been blocked or locked. This virus has an international character, so the message about the browser blocked by police could be translated into many other languages as well.

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The site may hijack your browser and become the home or start page of it. So, whatever browser you use, the chances are that may hijack it and appear in each new tab you open to look for something. Moreover, the very search will be amended as well, with becoming the default search engine. This problem often happens when users install some freeware or shareware programs downloaded online, without looking at details offered by default installation settings. and domains are closely interconnected, being also related to pop ups. Use these instructions for effective removal of these three annoying sites that appear in your browser.

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RusKill.exe – tool to kill malware by window title

In this article we introduce RusKill.exe – a useful utility to kill the process of malware by windows title. The tool has been developed by GridnSoft Anti-Malware Lab, and it is absolutely free for users to download and apply for virus process termination of specific rogue samples. We would like to emphasize the fact that you may use RusKill.exe for termination of any active virus process that has its window title. The tool works well only if you specify the window title correctly, and this is a very important step when you attempt to kill the virus process.

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