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PayPal scam (fake PayPal Account Security Alert)

Fake PayPal account security alert

It has been noticed by us recently that hackers these days are trying to obtain PayPal account information from many registered PayPal users of various country. This procedure of stealing PayPal account details is called phishing. According to the Wikipedia Resource, Phishing is a way of stealing private and even financial information, such as usernames, passwords and bank card details by means of displaying fake information, messages and alerts through various malicious links, supposedly originating from the official websites of legitimate companies. A large portion of phishing today is made through the fake sites not related to PayPal, but claiming to be originated by PayPal. Obviously, there is a serious problem today, which many users consider as a PayPal scam.

View More scam. Beware of the frauds! scam is another malicious website used for hijacking your browser. This problem is caused by the activity of virus makers who want to get easy cash through deceiving and tricking users. This infection is thus able to hijack your browser with a fake warning, telling you to call fake tech support. This is the example of scary alert as seen in the browser hijacked by scam:

View More scam – how to remove it? malware is a dangerous website that is able to hijack your browser. This is a problem for many users today who surf the world wide web on a regular basis. As a result of this virus attack, the browser gets hijacked, and you will see the following message displayed at your screen:

View More – fake Flash Player Update alert fake Flash Player Update alert

There’s a danger associated with fake Flash Player Update warnng from site Clicking this pop-up window in your browser is very risky because it may considerably infect your computer with a lot of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), such as adware, browser hijackers, useless extensions, add-ons, and even more serious malwares. This is why the site is dangerous and must be avoided by all means.

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Solution to remove redirection

Today many infected PCs when used online are permanently redirected through site, which is very annoying and not safe. This redirection is a sign of a serious problem with your computer. This guide will help you find a proper remedy for this issue.

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Remove pop ups from in MAC OS X

Many users, especially those who own MAC OS X PCs, are currently getting multiple popups from the page that starts with The full link path is much longer, we will not quote it for safety reasons, of course. This particular problem (occurrence of pop-ups from happens each time users click on a text box in any web page user opens. Some users find it difficult to get rid of such annoying popups coming up all the time, especially considering the fact that this problem takes place not in Windows operating system but rather in MAC OSX. In this guide you will find some simple tips that will help you fix this problem.

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“Warning! Critical update” fake alert removal

Warning! Critical update is a fake alert which you may receive in your browser while visiting some sites. This is the method how hackers online prompt users into downloading rogue security software. The program hijacks your browser and imitates the attempt to update some software installed on your computer. You might encounter an alert about a supposed update available for browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Or, quite possible, this fake update will mention the necessity to update your entire operating system. The alert tells that your system is in danger and that you need to install and run this update. When the fake warning appears in front of your PC it says this:

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