scam. Beware of the frauds! is another malicious website used for hijacking your browser. This problem is caused by the activity of virus makers who want to get easy cash through deceiving and tricking users. This infection is thus able to hijack your browser with a fake warning, telling you to call fake tech support. This is the example of scary alert as seen in the browser hijacked by scam:

Your computer is infected.
System Detected (2) Potentially Malicious Viruses: Rootkit.Sirefer.Spy and Trojan.FakeAV-Download. Your Personal & Financial Information is not safe.
To Remove Viruses, Call Tech Support Online Now:
1(888) 643-9730
(High Priority Virus Removal Call Line)

You definitely must not call this so-called “tech support online”. If you do so, you will most probably hear some guys who hardly can speak decent English. Most probably these will be the people with a strong Indian accent (since there have been many evidences of them previously engaged in such things). After you call them you will be told of a huge number of viruses on your PC and about the need to remove them. However, the trick is that you will not be allowed to remove these fake threats for free. These crooks will ask you to pay money for their fake services, and this is quite a lot of money, by the way.

So, it is clear that website is engaged in a lot of illegal activities. Not only it hijacks your browser but also tries to make you waste your funds for the totally useless services. Please follow the instructions below that will help you remove this malware from your system.

Screenshot of scam: scam

Anti-virus tool necessary for malware removal

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  1. I had this virus on my PC and didn’t know whether it is legitimate or not. I called this number as in the screenshot and heard some guy told me my PC is in danger and I need to get the fix, telling me to pay 500 usd for the services. Well, this helped me to understand that this was a scam, so it is not worth paying attention to.

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