scam – how to remove it? is a dangerous website that is able to hijack your browser. This is a problem for many users today who surf the world wide web on a regular basis. As a result of this virus attack, the browser gets hijacked, and you will see the following message displayed at your screen:

Your computer is infected.
System Detected (2) Potentially Malicious Viruses: Rootkit.Sirefer.Spy and Trojan.FakeAV-Download. Your Personal & Financial Information is not safe.
To Remove Viruses, Call Tech Support Online Now:
1(888) 643-9730
(High Priority Virus Removal Call Line)

You should realize that this is a scam. It seems that some malware developers are so eager to satisfy their lust for money that they don’t stop inventing new tricks of scaring users. So, they’ve invented this way of hijacking users’ browsers and make people actually call this fake tech support. Most obviously after calling this line you will hear some guys with a strong Indian accent who will try to convince you to purchase their services for quite a large amount of money.

In reality, you could actually delete these viruses yourself by scanning your PC with a reliable security software. There are plenty of decent antivirus programs that can be downloaded today. If one of them failed to be effective, you may always try the other one. One thing we can guarantee – you will not get the decent support in virus removal through the pop-up from website. Thus, please ignore these pop-ups and scan your PC with a reliable security software to neutralize the hijacker on your PC.

Screenshot of scam: malware

Anti-malware tool necessary for virus removal