“Warning! Critical update” fake alert removal

Warning! Critical update is a fake alert which you may receive in your browser while visiting some sites. This is the method how hackers online prompt users into downloading rogue security software. The program hijacks your browser and imitates the attempt to update some software installed on your computer. You might encounter an alert about a supposed update available for browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Or, quite possible, this fake update will mention the necessity to update your entire operating system. The alert tells that your system is in danger and that you need to install and run this update. When the fake warning appears in front of your PC it says this:

Warning! Critical update

Warning! Critical Update!
The following important update is available for your computer. Install update

Instead of obeying the instructions of this malicious program you need to ignore whatever it tells you, especially at the stage when it offers you to download this fake update. In other words, don’t click this Install update button. This is dangerous! Disregard such offers by hitting “Alt + F4” hotkey or by simply closing them. Scan your system with reliable anti-virus program and get rid of all real infections found.