Month: May 2017 extension alert
Malicious sites extension alert removal help pop-ups are known to be attacking Google Chrome browser with the misleading suggestion about the necessity to download and install some suspicious extension into this specific browser. However, it is strongly advised that you do not proceed with such installations, since your browser may become essentially messed up and […] hijacker attacking Google Chrome
Browser hijackers hijacker removal tutorial as a browser hijacker primarily attacks Google Chrome browser. The hijacker is normally installed through enabling a special extension into this browser. If yo have noticed pop-ups in your screen then definitely you need to disregard them. If your browser has already been hijacked, make sure you carefully […] pop-up
Malicious sites pop-up removal help is a dangerous website involved actively in causing many problems for computer owners who surf the web actively. The pop-up will distract the attention considerably, without letting people surf the web without permanent restrictions. Furthermore, they may cause subsequent damage to be made for the system. This guide will […]

1-800-954-266 scam
Malicious sites

1-800-954-266 scam – how to delete?

1-800-954-266 pop-up is a malicious site that may suddenly pop-up through all your available browsers and scare you with plenty of faulty alerts. Their intention is to make you think that your computer is in the worst ever condition, so that you would agree to call some toll-free helpline where […]