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Fake Java update from website

Beware of fake Java updates

The website, with quite a long random continuation after .com part, is actively used by many people engaged in distribution of adware, browser hijackers and other potentially unwanted programs. So, the main purpose of this article is to warn our readers about the danger of such pop-up windows […]

Ads by Remarkit

Ads by Remarkit – how to stop them?

You may see very many Ads by Remarkit brought by Remarkit adware. When this happens, you will really regret that you’ve allowed this annoying program to make itself a part of your computer. You should have been more careful when installing some free programs. You probably thought that it was […]

Ads by ShopSave

How to delete Ads by ShopSave

ShopSave adware is nowadays actively spread in the world wide web, attacking many PCs. The attack is mainly spread on the browsers available in the particular PC. ShopSave adware will show many ads by ShopSave, and you will be really fed up with their permanent occurrence in your browser. If […]

SmartSaver+ 15.1 ads

Ads by SmartSaver+ 15.1 (SmartSaverPlus)

This tutorial is devoted to removal of some annoying Ads by SmartSaver+ 15.1, which are sometimes presented as Ads by SmartSaverPlus. If you see them in your PC, this definitely means that your browser has been hijacked and infected with this adware program, which now is responsible for displaying all […]

PortalMore adware

Remove PortalMore Ads and Hot Deals

PortalMore is a truly very annoying adware that is bundled today with many other free programs downloaded by users. You might want to install some video player, or driver, or codec, etc. If you look for such programs online and mainly hunt for free programs to install, you are under […]

PalMall adware

PalMall Ads – how to remove them?

PalMall is an adware program, which may easily make itself a part of your PC if you aren’t duly careful when surfing the web. The truth is that today there are very many free programs which are bundled with PalMall adware. When you decide to install some of such cost-free […]

Ads by MossNet

Ads by MossNet – how to remove them?

Ads by MossNet may appear in your browser suddenly, and you will wonder how in the world this program could make itself a part of your PC. The truth is that the majority of adware programs, including Moss Net, often are bundled with many other free programs downloaded by users. […] pop-up
Adware pop-up removal is a very annoying pop-up window which may appear in your browser infected by adware. This will not be just one window, but very many of them popping up on a regular basis. You could see such pop-up simply by clicking some malicious link, but if you see […]

Ads by Mezaa

How to remove Ads by Mezaa adware

Ads by Mezaa is the name of a new adware program, which mainly displays itself when users visit commercial sites like Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Bestbuy, etc. This adware is actively spread along with many other free applications. For example, if you decide to install Mp3Rocket from some websites, the installer […]