Category: Adware pop-up

Remove pop-up virus is a special pop-up window that comes up in PCs infected with adware program. There are very many of them widely spread today, we can’t tell about any particular one causing this nasty pop-up to appear. But this problem is for sure a very universal one. Millions of PCs […] pop-up

Remove pop-up windows

The pop-up ads generating from the website are attributed to some sort of adware utility currently active on your PC. Hence, if you would like to get rid of pop-up virus off your system completely and definitely you then must detect a specific adware that makes them to […]

Ads by Feven virus

Remove Ads by Feven virus (adware)

Ads by Feven is what you see in the upper and lower parts of your browser if your PC is infected with this particular adware. There are many versions of the similar adware, such as feven 1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 2.2., 1.8 and many others. Obviously, there have been many of […] survey

Beware of surveys

The surveys from site may appear in PCs located in Australia, as well as in other close countries. If you see many pop-up windows in your computer that appear on a frequent basis this means that your PC is infected with adware. This particular adware is what causes these […]


Video Player Ads (uninstall instructions)

Ads by Video Player stands for a new adware program. Users responsible for adware development and distribution nowadays invest a lot of money and efforts in promotion and massive spread of this potentially unwanted program among many PCs these days. This adware has international roots, i.e. these ads by Video […] pop-up
Adware pop-up (removal instructions) is a special pop-up which may appear in your browser if it is infected with adware. There are many other similar pop-up windows which are localized for many other countries. This particular pop-up mainly appears on computers located in France and some other French-speaking countries. It has a […]