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MovieCarpet browser modifier
Browser hijackers

How to remove MovieCarpet from Google Chrome?

MovieCarpet is a browser hijacker which currently hijacks Google Chrome browser. It hijacks the home page and forces Internet surfers to browse the web through this page, instead of Google Search. The hijacker does not really render any decent search results. Instead, it permanently forces people to be surfing […]

Sonic PDF Converter browser hijacker
Browser hijackers

How to delete Sonic PDF Converter infection?

Sonic PDF Converter is a browser hijacker currently attacking Google Chrome browser and changing the home page of it without user’s permission. Also, whenever users attempt to open blank tab in their Google Chrome they will likewise see site instead of Google Search or some other decent start page […] browser hijacker
Browser hijackers redirect virus removal help is a dangerous website that is actively involved in hijacking the home pages of all widely used browsers today, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Intrusion of this hijacker typically occurs through the method called bundling. In other words, there is some free […]