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Category: Browser hijackers hijacker. How to eliminate? virus is a nasty hijacker currently infecting many browsers today. This virus may attack Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers. You may see that is set in the home page of your browser and all your search queries are getting permanently redirected through this web site.

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Istruzioni per la rimozione del virus Mysites123

Mysites123 virus

Mysites123 è un unuovo dirottatore dei browser che normalmente infetta Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox e Microsoft Edge. Se l’hai contratto quando apri uno qualunque di questi browser capirai che Mysites123 si è sostituita alla pagina iniziale che vedevi normalmente. Il dirottatore funge da spyware e adware sul tuo computer. Quindi prima lo elimini e meglio è!

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Remove Ozip Search from browser

NewTab By OZIP

Ozip is a browser hijacker changing home page into Developed by Zoekyu Technology Limited, it also adds OZIP Search 1.0.9 extension into Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. As a result, opening every new tab gives you NewTab By OZIP.

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Remove hijacker, also known as FVP Secure Search, stands for a brand new browser hijacker. Currently it infects many browsers, primarily Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and even Microsoft Edge. Intrusion of this hijacker into browsers occurs after users attempt to download and install certain free software.

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Remove TopYea hijacker

YeaBests browser hijacker

YeaBests is a new browser hijacker changing the home page of your browser into and causing unwanted redirections of your search queries through itself. You will notice this hijacker to attack all available browsers in your computer. It has the capabilities of infecting Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. When you start either of these browser, you will notice that YeaBests is in the home page. ToyYea is the alternative name for this hijacker.

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Yoursites123 virus removal instructions

Yoursites123 hijacker

Yoursites123 is a new browser hijacker which normally infects browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. When you start either of these browsers, you will discover that the page is now set in their home pages. The purpose of this hijacker is to perform the role of spyware and adware in your computer. So, the quicker you eliminate it, the better.

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Remove My Social Hub XP by SaferBrowser

My Social Hub XP by SaferBrowser is a browser hijacker attacking PCs primarily in the Western part of the globe today. There have been some complaints from users in the USA about this hijacker invading Mozilla Firefox. Most likely other browsers are not an exception and can be modified by it as well.

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Mysites123 removal from Chrome, IE, Opera, Edge and Firefox

Mysites123 browser hijacker

Mysites123 browser hijacker penetrates into computers without user’s permission. Immediately it changes the home pages of all available browsers into Additionally, it modifies default search engine settings selected by users in the first place, by forcing search queries to be redirected through pseudo search engines related to the hijacker.

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Remove RayDL (32 bit) – ihpmServer.exe virus

RayDL (32 bit)

RayDL (32 bit) is a process you might suddenly see in Task Manager. When you right-click on it, you will have an option to open containing folder. Doing so will bring you to RayDld folder, whereas RayDL (32 bit) will be connected to ihpmServer.exe application in this folder.

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Remove Yoursearching hijacker (browser infection)

Yoursearching hijacker

Yoursearching stands for a new browser hijacker designed by Chinese hackers specifically to attack Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and even Microsoft Edge. After its intrusion the hijacker changes the home page of specific browser into With Mozilla Firefox, Fast Start extension is added as well. Plus, the hijacker also invites its ‘friends’ with really bad reputation. We specifically mean programs like ihpmServer.exe, WMiniPro.exe and SSFK.exe service.

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