– scam! scam is a fake FBI Interpol alert. This is a new virus attacking many browsers today. No person can be the exception when this scam targets your PC. Most often this problem is the result of the vulnerability of your browser. As a result, this fake FBI Interpol Warning comes up and occupies the entire area of your browser, without letting you use it. It is true that your browser is blocked, and this is exactly what the fake FBI warning indicates.

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Remove (Gadgetbox Search)

Gadgetbox Search

Gadgetbox Search is a browser hijacker amending the preferences and settings of it. Instead of the parameters established by users personally, this Gadgetbox Search hijack sets up the home page of a browser to start with Also, all user’s queries will be redirected through this domain name. If you aren’t happy with such amendments introduced into your browser, please carefully follow the tutorial below that will help you reset your browser to its default parameters.

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Remove Linkey (fix redirect)

Linkey program

Linkey is a special program which is actively spread through various freeware downloads today. Most often Linkey is bundled with a lot of free programs which are actively downloaded and installed by users. For example, if you download some applications from, you will be offered to make browser hijacker into your computer and install Linkey as well. As you see, this is the bundled software installation offer, and you should pay close attention to what exactly you’re offered to install into your PC in addition to the initial software of your choice.

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The website is a new website engaged in scaring active Internet users today. It spreads a very scary page, supposedly coming from the FBI or similar police body of some other country. Even though mainly this scam now attacks the United States. The trick is that this is a fake FBI warning alert, which is not a real one. It actually condemns users of committing all kinds of crimes online, and says that their browser has been blocked for such violations.

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Fix redirection

Aztec Media Yahoo Search Results

If you have seen that your search queries are redirected through, then this most probably means that your browser has been hijacked by some program, which is classified exactly like this – browser hijacker. Just as an example, we can examine browser hijacker. If you have this potentially unwanted program installed on your PC, then all your search queries submitted through this hijacker will be redirected through Another fact worthy of paying attention to is that this search redirection is powered by Aztec Media Yahoo Search Results. This is what exactly what the window of your browser mentions whenever such search engine redirection takes place.

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Key Find hijack

In this guide we will explain to you how to remove hijack from your browser. If you open your browser and see Key Find in each new search tab opened – then this means your browser has been brutally hijacked. Many users have this very problem with their browsers today. Many questions have been raised online on how to get rid of Key Find hijack. It seems that indeed this is the problem for many people these days, irrespective of the country where such questions are asked.

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Remove from your browser hijack is a new browser hijacker attacking mainly France, and possibly some other French-speaking countries. As a result, the home page of your browser is now changed into, and you might as well experience the issue of search engine redirection through sub-domain. This is the problem for all browsers, but mainly for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In this guide we will explain to you how to get rid of from your affected browser automatically.

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Beware of these two similar websites – and They are related to a scam that is being widely spread among many PCs these days. This is a special kind of computer infection that nowadays attacks many browsers. Mainly this happens with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, even though other browsers aren’t an exception. In this tutorial you will find out how to get rid of the scam that is spread through both of these websites.

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Remove Speedial Search (Uninstall Guide)

Speedial Search hijack

Speedial Search is what you might easily see in your browser, provided that it has been infected with this browser hijacker. As a result of the virus attack, the website will appear in the home page of your browser, and will cause search engine redirection through this very domain name. Additionally, whenever you open each new search tab, Speedial Search will be there by default. Are you happy with such amendments in your browser? We don’t think so. Following this guide will help you to remove Speedial Search from all your browsers that were touched by this unwanted program.

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