Remove QuickSearch 0.0.4 (Fast Start) add-on

QuickSearch 0.0.4

QuickSearch 0.0.4 is yet another add-on (extension) for Mozilla Firefox browser spread online along with other free applications. Today it can be installed together with some browser hijackers, such as iStartSurf, Omniboxes, Oursurfing, etc. This add-on, however, is mainly the issue for Mozilla Firefox browser.

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321oyun virus – how to delete?

321OYUN trojan

321oyun is a new malicious program referred to as browser hijacker. It is correct to classify this infection as hijacker due to the amendments introduced by it into the home page and default search engine settings of your browser. The virus changes the home pages of all major browsers into and makes users to start looking for the information through this very website. Accordingly, all user’s search queries will be redirected via this page.

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Cassiopesa Search hijack. How to get rid of Tny_Cassiopesa?

Cassiopesa Search

Cassiopesa Search stands for a brand new browser hijacker developed by cyber crooks to perform a lot of illegal things through your PC. To be more precise, the hijacker acts directly through your browser. If you have several browsers installed, most likely all of them will be modified by this infection.

Continue reading virus (removal guide) redirect virus is a nasty browser hijacker currently attacking all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. You will notice several unwanted amendments introduced by this hijacker into the way your browsers operate. For example, their home pages will be changed into, whereas all your search queries will be redirected through this domain name too. In this tutorial you will find out how to fix your browser and get rid of this hijacker from it.

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Remove virus virus

Browser redirection through website are caused by a serious problem with your computer. This means that the system has been infected by malware classified as browser hijacker. This infection nowadays invades many popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. You may notice that the results of its intrusion are quite unexpected and truly unpleasant to observe. For example, you may notice that the home page of all these browsers has been changed into, plus all your search queries are permanently redirected through this very domain name. Plus, opening every single new search tab results in opening of this very page again and again. In this tutorial we will help you to fix this serious problem with your browser.

Continue reading virus (removal instructions) virus is a new quite dangerous browser hijacker. Today it infects many PCs and may easily become the part of your browser. It will then introduce several unwanted amendments into the way your browser works. For example, the home page will be changed to This domain will also become the default search engine, through which you will be suggested to look for the information.

Continue reading removal instructions hijacker is a browser hijacker infecting many browsers today. Once the attack of it is successful, users will see that the home page of their browsers got changed into When users attempt to look for the information through this particular website, the search queries will be redirected through this domain. The search results will be delivered by Google Custom Search, or possibly through some other search engine.

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Remove QuickSearch 5.4.10 (Fast Start)

QuickSearch 5.4.10

QuickSearch 5.4.10 by stands for a new add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser. Yet, this extension has nothing to do with this particular browser. Most often it becomes the part of Mozilla Firefox as a result of users installing some other free applications bundled with various PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). Just as an example, QuickSearch 5.4.10 is integrated with, and browser hijackers. As a consequence of this add-on installed, users will see “Fast Start” to be displayed whenever then open every single new tab of Mozilla Firefox browser. No matter how many tabs they open, this Fast Start add-on comes as a result of QuickSearch 5.4.10 add-on enabled.

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‎ virus is a browser hijacker contaminating all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This infection changes their home pages into When users attempt to find something through the built-in search field, his/her queries will be redirected via (The Smart Search). All these modifications with your browser aren’t good. These facts mean that the system you now use has been touched by certain malicious application which most likely introduced amendments not only into your browser but to the entire computer. This guide is dedicated to removal of infection and fixing the problem of redirection.

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Istart 5.3.7 (Fast Start) removal from Mozilla Firefox

Istart 5.3.7

Istart 5.3.7 is a special add-on (extension) for Mozilla Firefox browser. It has nothing to do with the company that develops Mozilla Firefox though. The add-on is often installed into this browser together with some browser hijackers, such as iStartSurf, Omniboxes, etc. It causes a lot of unwanted amendments into the way Mozilla operates. For example, when you attempt to open new tab in it, you will suddenly see Fast Start tab to appear. No matter how many times you open this new tab of Firefox, Fast Start will appear. In this tutorial we will help you to fix this problem and to reset your browser with GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

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