Month: May 2015

AntiVirus Pro 2017 hoax
Fake AV

AntiVirus Pro 2017 malware removal tool

AntiVirus Pro 2017 is new malicious application classified as fake antispyware (Fake AV). Recently it has started to spread in the Internet by leaps and bounds. The program infects PCs in various locations where Internet is available. This fake antispyware has a slogan “Designed to protect”, whereas in reality this […]

Ads by CinemaPlus-3.3c

Ads by CinemaPlus-3.3c – removal tool

Following this guide will help you to get rid of annoying advertisements by CinemaPlus-3.3c adware in your browser. Note that this particular problem is the issue for many browsers today, including Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you’re a person who is active in the Internet you’re […]

Ads by Man

How to remove Ads by Man

Sometimes when you open your browser you see strange Ads by Man to appear in the form of rectangular banners. This actually means that your system has been contaminated with adware, which now spews out these ads in your system. The occurrence of Ads by Man may be the problem […] pop-up
Malicious sites

Remove pop-up domain is actively engaged in massive distribution of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). Typically such pop-ups may recommend you to download and install some sort of DriverFinder program, whereas in reality you may be as well suggested to install a lot of other junk software into your computer. pop-up
Malicious sites

How to remove scam (pop-up)

If you are constantly getting the following pop up from site saying “Video Update Recommended” probably your computer is infected with adware or potentially unwanted programs. But don’t get upset, this entry contains removal instructions for the adware which generates these fake notifications. Under no circumstances do what you […]

Shop Smart Ads

How do I remove Shop Smart Ads?

Shop Smart Ads typically appear in the form of a rectangular banner in the right bottom section of your screen. Please note that it is strongly not recommended for you to click on such ads! There’s a danger if you do so. These ads may redirect you to various third-party […]