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Ads by SuperClick

How to block Ads by SuperClick adware

SuperClick_1.10.0.16 is a new adware which attacks many computers today. In many cases it is bundled with other free software users install into their PCs. The problem is that very often many of us fail to be attentive when we deal with free programs. Some of us don’t pay enough […]


Ads by Cinema Video 1.8V13.05

Ads by Cinema Video 1.8V13.05 adware may annoy you greatly, especially when you try to find some important information online. As soon as you go to certain website you will see sudden pop-up delivering Ads by Cinema Video 1.8V13.05 to you. Depending on the date, these advertisements may be titled […]

Pine Tree Ads

Pine Tree Ads (removal instructions)

Following this tutorial will help you to remove Pine Tree Ads, also known as Ads by Pine Tree, from your PC infected by adware. Basically, this program isn’t a virus, but it isn’t a good application either. Its only mission is to display a lot of intrusive ads in your […]

Ads by BrowserPro App

How to remove Ads by BrowserPro App

BrowserPro App is a new quite nasty adware. These days it actively attacks all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Surely, other browsers aren’t an exception. The adware starts displaying its intrusive ads whenever users go online in search for any information. This tutorial is […]

Ads by Hades

Ads by Hades (removal solution)

Hades means “hell” in Hebrew language. Ads by Hades cause real hell in the PCs infected by this particular adware. Today it is actively spread in the Internet and may infect your system too. The problem related to Ads by Hades happens with all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla […]

Ads by Companion

Ads by Companion (removal guide)

Sometimes while you surf the web Ads by Companion may pop up in front of you. The problem is that this will not be just a single occasion. You will see quite a lot of such ads to pop up. This fact will surely not be tolerated by you. Most […]

Ads by PriceMinus

Guide to remove Ads by PriceMinus

PriceMinus adware is the direct successor of SalePlus PUP (potentially unwanted program). Millions of active Internet surfers today have discovered that something weird is taking place with their browsers. Wherever they go online, their attention is actively bombarded by intrusive Ads by PriceMinus, Deals brought by PriceMinus, offers and other […]

Hot Deals by Primary Color

Ads by Primary Color – how to block?

In this tutorial you will find out how to remove Ads by Primary Color from your computer. In fact, these annoying advertisements are not just your problem. There are many other PCs today infected by exactly the same junk application. When users turn them on hoping to look for some […]


HDtubeV1.6V27.04 Ads. Removal tool

In this tutorial you may find out how to remove HDtubeV1.6V27.04 Ads from your browser. This adware is nowadays actively attacking all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The adware introduces its own add-on (extension) into all these browsers. Of course, other browsers aren’t an exception […]

Ads powered by Name

3 easy steps to block Ads by Name

Ads by Name are caused by some nasty adware in your PC right now. As a result, you will see a lot of these advertisements titled as “brought by Name”, or “powered by Name”. Furthermore, you may as well encounter a lot of sudden pop-up windows in various parts of […]