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Remove popup ads

The presence of program on your computer is a good proof of availability of certain adware application which has obviously attacked your browser. As a result, you eventually would encounter the large number of ads displayed together with search results. Apparently, the very home page of your default browser […]


Remove DealPly adware (uninstall guide)

DealPly stands for an adware application which is most commonly installed into major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. There are chances for this adware to become integrated into other less popular browsers as well. In the majority of the cases the installation of it takes place […]


CouponDropDown adware (uninstall instructions)

CouponDropDown is a potentially unwanted program (abbreviated as PUP by some computer security blogs). It is rightfully classified as adware, i.e. an advertisement software. The mission of this application is to present pop up advertisements and other forms of promotional materials on certain web pages visited by users. Such ads […]

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Remove GorillaPrice popup ads

GorillaPrice is the adware utility that operates through various ads that pop up while you surf the web looking for something. This program is most commonly distributed through bundled software downloads. The reason why it is installed is because many free programs downloaded online are often integrated with this Gorilla […]