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Malicious sites

Remove pop-ups is a domain name involved in massive distribution of various malicious programs. This is done through displaying a lot of misleading pop-up windows through all widely used browsers. Tricky information is presented through such pop-ups in order to scare users into thinking their PC requires some updates. However, […] pop-up
Malicious sites

Removal of pop-ups

Pop-ups from website are malicious, since they spread a lot of unwanted programs. This is most often done through displaying a lot of misleading content. Hence, users may be easily tricked into clicking on the “Download” or “Install” buttons, and this is where the problems begin. pop-up
Malicious sites pop-up removal tool is a website causing a lot of problems. Nowadays it is actively engaged in distribution of massive spam alerts and sudden pop-ups through all widely used browsers, being related to various adware programs. For examples, PCs infected with CutThePrice infection may experience the problem of sudden pop-ups and intrusive […] pop-up
Malicious sites

Blocking popups

In case your PC is infected by adware it is impossible to block pop-ups without complete removal of such adware. This is the first thing you should to – to uninstall all related adware samples from your system which might cause such problems in your browser. In this post […] pop-up
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How to block pop-ups

Numerous pop-up windows from websites surely will be noticed by you. There are many other users today who actually face the same problems you’re experiencing this very moment. It is true that these pop-up windows don’t appear by themselves. They’re often powered by some nasty adware, which somehow made […]