Remove pop-ups (ThankYou surveys)

The popup window from is a malware associated with one of the adware programs installed on your computer. This scam pops up periodically while adware program like LyricsSay acts on your PC. The purpose of this particular pop-up is to force you to complete a so-called survey. Then this data will be used by adware developers for bombarding you with tons of other ads through implanting many adware programs into your PC. Also, you may also see a lot of surprising emails, sms onto your cell phones as a result of participation in this fake survey, which is just the attempt to steal your personal, banking and other information.

This is how pop-up looks like on computers in Ukraine: pop-up window

Typically pop-up is localized depending on the country where the targeted PC is located. For example, the pop-up from may mention the following information (with PCs located in the USA):

Thank You!
You are Today’s Lucky Visitor!
Click OK to continue

If you actually continue you will then be told this:

You’ve been selected from the Orange region to take part in our annual visitor survey.
This will only take 30 seconds of your time and will enhance user experience. Upon completion you will have the opportunity to get an Apple MacBook Air, an iPhone 5c, or a Samsung Galaxy S4.

All information that users fill-in during this survey will then be used by hackers, because they will later on prompt you to indicating a lot of your personal information. In reality you will not win any of such fake prizes, because this is just the way of brainwashing users with doubtful promises, deceiving and misleading them.

We recommend you to stay away from the site Don’t participate in any of such fake surveys! Furthermore, the occurrence of these popups is a result of the adware presence on your computer, so you need to scan your PC with one or several security programs for complex adware and malware removal from your system.

Software necessary for pop-up removal: