Remove the ICE Cyber Crime Center virus

Meet another ransomware-type desktop hijacker that completely disables infected PC. It has the title as “ICE Cyber Crime Center”. This virus at present days primarily attacks computers located primarily in the United States of America, possibly some other English-speaking countries as well. The program says that user was noticed to engage himself/herself in illegal activities over the world wide web, allegedly resulting in locked status of his/her computer. Here is the quote of the fake accusation expressed with regard to user of the infected computer. No doubt, to receive such an unexpected warning is quite scary for unwary users that don’t realize they are being tricked by the malware developers.

The ICE Cyber Crime Center

The ICE Cyber Crime Center
Your computer has been blocked
The work of your computer has been suspended on the grounds of unauthorized cyber activity.
Possible violations are described below:
Article -174. Copyright
Imprisonment for the term of up to 2-5 years
(The use or sharing of copyrighted files). A fine from 18,000 up to 23,000 USD.
Article -183. Pornography
Imprisonment for the term of up to 2-3 years
(The use or distribution of pornographic files). A fine from 18,000 up to 25,000 USD.
Article -184. Pornography involving children (under 18 years)
Imprisonment for the term of up to 10-15 years
(The use or distribution of pornographic files). A fine from 20,000 up to 40,000 USD.
Article -104. Promoting Terrorism
Imprisonment for the term of up to 25 years without appeal
(Visiting the websites of terrorist groups). A fine from 35,000 up to 45,000 USD with property confiscation.
Article – 68. The distribution of virus programs
Imprisonment for the term of up to 2 years
(The development or distribution of virus programs, which have caused harm to other computers). A fine from 15,000 up to 28,000 USD.
Article -113. The use of unlicensed software
Imprisonment for the term of up to 2 years
(The use of unlicensed software). A fine from 10,000 up to 22,000 USD.
Article – 99. Cheating with payment cards, carding Imprisonment for the term of up to 5 years
(The operation with the use of payment card or its details which was not initiated or not confirmed by the holder). A fine from 30,000 up to 75,000 USD with properly confiscation.
Article -156. Spamming pornographic content
Imprisonment for the term of up to 2 years
(Spamming pornographic content by means of the e-mail or social Networks). A fine from 16,000 up to 38,000 USD
To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release fee of 300 USD.
In connection with the decision of the Government as of January 15, 2013, all of the violations described above could be considered as criminal. If the fine has not been paid, you will become the subject of criminal prosecution. The fine is applicable only in the case of a primary violation. In the case of second violation you will appear before the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.
The amount of the fine is 300 USD. Payment must be made within 48 hours after the computer blocking. If the fine has not been paid, you will become the subject of criminal prosecution without the right to pay the fine. The Department for the Fight Against Cyber Activity will confiscate your computer (after 48 hours)

Fulfillment of the instruction of this ransomware program leads to unpleasant consequences resulting in loss of your funds. By the way, the locker asks you to pay 300 USD to have your system unlocked. So, the first thing you should understand is that you must get rid of this virus by first ignoring anything it tells you. Then the next step is to be accomplished. Keep in mind that using the common malware removal principles to delete this virus might not work or might not be effective at all. This is because the desktop of the infected computer is totally disabled. User can’t run any program or use the Internet browser to download certain anti-malware application. Restarting the computer does not give positive results. In order to delete this virus it is recommended that you follow this removal guide described below.

Ice virus removal steps:

  • Restart your computer into Safe Mode with Networking. To do it, keep hitting F8 key repeatedly, before Windows OS starts booting.
  • Select your operating system and the account that got locked with ICE ransomware.
  • When Windows launches in Safe Mode with Networking, use “Win + R” hotkey combination to open Windows Explorer.
  • In the address line insert the text “
  • Click “OK”.
  • Download, install, update and run Plumbytes Anti-Malware.
  • Malware removal tool
  • Scan your computer with Anti-Malware and remove all detected threats.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Share this information with your friends on Facebook and other social networks.

Removal video at YouTube:

11 Replies to “Remove the ICE Cyber Crime Center virus”

  1. windows explorer does not open for me. i’m taken to safe mode screen with c prompt, c:doucments and settings/username. my system is not following any of the prescribed methods. any help?

    1. Use Win+E hotkey command to open Windows Explorer. This should help. If you are in Safe Mode with Command Prompt then you may try another ransomware removal solution (see the link in the post below)

  2. Thank you Andrey for posting this very useful and helpful information! Someone should root out these scumbags and “disappear” them!

    1. You’re welcome. By the way, you may ask for the free trial activation code of Trojan Killer ( in the “Support” section. Ask and you will be given a free trial code for about 15 days to remove this virus for free.

  3. OK, I am helping my sister over the phone, and the activation of the downloaded version is a challenge. Either it is set up to push a novice user to buy the app or we’re way off on the instructions. Is there a different “evaluation” and “trial” version?

    1. Dear Marco,
      Yes, there’s a way. You need to go to the site and in the “Need help” section ask for the free trial activation code (which will be granted to you). If the virus is removed please share your happiness on Facebook with your friends (by liking this post).

  4. hi .i have a problem with turning on my computer. after i do your order to open run window , the trojan does not let me to turn on my computer and after selecting ” safe mode with networking” the virus shut down my computer in a force way before i could type my account password. please hep me .thank you

  5. I have tried To boot in safe mode and computer reboots. Cannot access Task manager. Kaspersky rescue disk did not remove the virus.
    Now what?

  6. The people who create these viruses are the anti-spam anti-virus protection programs ie…Norton, Mac Afee,Spyhunter, so they create revenue.The worst are the people at Toshiba that want to charge you just for consulting with someone even if it doesn’t go back to original format. They’re the people doing all of this.

  7. I think the admin of this web site is really working hard iin favor of
    his website, since here every material is quallity based information.

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