Month: January 2014 adware

Combating pop-up (removal guide)

The pop-up windows related to the website are not only annoying. Clicking them is dangerous because of the possibility of bringing you to many hazardous, infected of hacked websites, which in their turn may infect your PC even more. Some of these websites advertised in pop-ups may implant […]

Ads by Keep Now adware

Ads by Keep Now – remove them right away!

This article is about the adware program called Ads by Keep Now. Ads by Keep Now pop-up on many computers infected with a special kind of virus called adware. For example, if you visit commercial sites like,,, and many others the chances are that you will […]

League of Angels ads

Remove League of Angels ads

Do you see League of Angels ads popping up on your computer? This is the case with many PCs today. Some users have seen these pop-ups in their computers as a result of installing some online games. They complain that these ads by League of Angels aren’t family friendly. We’ve […]