Ads by Keep Now – remove them right away!

This article is about the adware program called Ads by Keep Now. Ads by Keep Now pop-up on many computers infected with a special kind of virus called adware. For example, if you visit commercial sites like,,, and many others the chances are that you will see these Keep Now ads as banners in various sections of your browser.

Ads by Keep Now adware
Ads by Keep Now advertisement

Ads by Keep Now active on your PC are the problem for many users today. Let’s say, you wake up one sunny day in the US, turn your PC to look for something interesting or just to read your mail. Then suddenly you discover a lot of annoying ads popping up in front of you. These ads may also appear not only on the commercial sites mentioned above, but also when visiting a lot of other websites as well. These can be advertisement banners in various sections of your PC, or some intext ads that pop-up when you move your mouse towards some words in the text of the website you visited. In all cases they will be titled as ads brought by Keep Now.

The problem described above is a very serious issue. This adware is related to many other potentially unwanted applications. These ads by Keep Now may thus bring your PC to the websites that aren’t safe, whereas some of them will be dangerous to click in the first place. Furthermore, the PC infected ith Ads by Keep Now will function very slow, especially the browser has this particular extension (add-on) active.

To get rid of Ads by Keep Now adware from your computer we recommend that you scan your PC with a reliable security software. You may do it with Plumbytes Anti-Malware as explained below.

Software necessary for Ads by Keep Now adware removal:

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2 Replies to “Ads by Keep Now – remove them right away!”

  1. I’m having this problem. I do have Webroot protection purchased though. Do I still need to download “Trojan Killer”? I’d rather not have to download anything, if it’s possible. By the way I’m using Google Chrome and I do use the, Adblock extension.

    1. Ask Webroot why they don’t detect Ads by Keep Now adware. Discuss these issues with them if you are so happy with Webroot.

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