Category: Adware pop-up window
Adware pop-up removal instructions is yet another pop-up window related to the annoying activity of some particular adware program currently installed on your computer. In times you see such pop-ups you need to realize that they don’t occur on your PC without a reason. There’s some sort of program that causes them […] scam

Remove survey pop-ups

There is a danger when you see surveys popping up. The truth is that they’re not related at all to Microsoft Inc., even though they are presented in the form of questionnaires supposedly from this company, where you’re supposed to give some feedback about the performance of Internet Explorer […]

Ads by CouponDownloader

Ads by CouponDownloader Removal Tutorial

CouponDownloader Ads, also known simply as Ads by CouponDownloader, is a sign of your PC infected with adware. This annoying and absolutely useless application may enter your PC and become closely integrated with your browser. This unwanted adware intrusion often takes place when users download and install some free applications […] pop-up

Remove pop-ups

You may receive a strange pop-up windows from website. This pop-up will tell you that you need to update your Java. The sad thing is that not many users today know what Java is, and they think that this is some real Windows alert. So, they proceed, click “Install”, […]

FP1 ads

Remove FP1 ads

FP1 ads and various related pop-ups are truly a real headache for many users these days. They want to get rid of these annoying adware, but they simply don’t know how to do it. In this guide we will tell you about the solution to fix your browser and eventually […] pop-up

Remove pop-up (fake Java Update)

If your PC is infected with adware, you might see really misleading pop-ups from website. These pop-ups have a concealed plan – to implant even more dangerous and truly very annoying adware and potentially unwanted applications into your computer. To make you click them, hackers have presented these […]

Ads by RevContent

RevContent Ads Removal Instructions

We’ve seen some strange RevContent Ads in our browser recently. This was after we downloaded and installed some other free program through the link advertised on the web. The good thing is that we did this on a virtual computer, as a way of testing various adware programs. The bad […]