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Ad by Fpro_1.2

Fpro_1.2 Ads Uninstall Instructions

Fpro_1.2 is a new adware program developed by Kimahri Software Inc. It is actively spread these days through being bundled with other free applications. It is easy to get it installed, however, it is very uneasy to remove it once the PC got already infected with adware. As a result, […] malware

Remove pop-up windows

The pop-up windows from are very malicious. They are not just annoying, but also very misleading. Their activity and permanent occurrence in your browser are caused by the presence of some adware inside of your PC, such as Ads by Online Browser Advertising, or similar potentially unwanted program. In […] pop-up
Adware pop-up removal guide is yet another pop-up window that bothers many users today. This particular pop-up is a part of some adware program currently installed and running on your computer. As a result of its unwanted and unauthorized intrusion into your PC, you now see a lot of really annoying pop-up windows […]

FindRight Deals adware

FindRight Deals. Removal guide

FindRight Deals is a new adware which surely does a lot of danger for your system. It typically comes into your system as a result of you installing some other free programs recently downloaded by you. Thus, all users these days must be on guard whenever they deal with any […]

RightCoupon adware

Remove Best Coupons (RightCoupon)

RightCoupon is the adware known for displaying its so-called Best Coupons when you visit some commercial websites. For example, when you to go website, you will see the following Best Coupons window popping up in the right part of your browser, claiming to be brought by RightCoupon:

You could win an iphone pop-up

Remove ‘You could win an iphone!’ pop-up

‘You could win an iphone!‘ – what a chance indeed, isn’t it? We would surely participate in any legal contest for winning such iPhone, provided that it was officially run by Apple Inc., or some of its legal distributors. Yet, this fake lottery of winning an iPhone is often the […]