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The pop-up ads from is a good example of what happens when you mistakenly install some adware program. For your information it is important to know that this pop-up is a part of the adware program called Tube Dimmer, which nowadays is very active in attacking many computers in various locations of the world.

Removal of pop-ups isn’t an easy undertaking due to the fact that many legitimate and famous antivirus progams simply can’t detect it. This might be not a severe infection in their opinion, this is why they don’t even consider it as a computer threat. Well, there’s some truth in that. However, we do believe that this particular adware must be classified as a potentially unwanted program.

It is quite typical that all adware progams are brought to computers together with many other outwardly free applications. So, this is most probably how Tube Dimmer with its many pop-ups came to your computer.

Generally these pop-ups don’t tell about any decent things. For example, they could contain an offer to win an iPad, or some other gadget. Then, if this ad is clicked, user will be offered to complete a survey, and this is where the trap is concealed. Typically this fill-in survey form is actively used by hackers to steal a lot of personal and financial information from users and then use it for all kinds of malicious goals.

We recommend you to get rid of the adware program which is the source of nasty pop-up ads. For this purpose please follow the removal instructions set forth below.

Software necessary for pop-up removal:

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