Remove pop-ups (uninstall instructions)

The pop-up ads from is a form of computer infection classified as adware. This is a computer virus actively attacking many PCs these days. The pop-ups show up in the form of intext links which turn random words into hyperlinks, powered by Intext Nav-Links adware program. In this guide you will find out how to get rid of pop-ups from your browser. pop-up pop-ups often contain an offer to call 877-805-9176 tollfree number to get help for Windows by iYogi experts. In reality, this pop-up is not associated to site at all. Most probably this is the fraudulent campaign dedicated to stealing money from trusting users, being run by some Indian or Chinese “fake computer experts”.

If you see these pop-up ads from you must understand that someone is actually trying to make you click them in order to get something from you. Be prepared that you will be told by those tech support guys to buy some vip 24/7 technical support for just 199,99 USD, or something like that.

We’ve recently seen a question raised on Yahoo Answers by some user who has been scammed like that, after clicking this pop-up ad. He was told that his PC is full of infections and thus must be cleaned, however, for the price of 199,99 USD for so-called “protection plan”. As you see, clicking such pop-up ads is dangerous, especially obeying the instructions contained in them. To get rid of these pop-ups from your PC please scan your system with our recommended security software Plumbytes Anti-Malware.

Software necessary for adware removal:

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