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Cinema-Plus-1.2 adware shows ads by Cinema-Plus-1.2

Ads by Cinema-Plus-1.2 (removal help)

In this guide we will help you to get rid of Ads by Cinema-Plus-1.2, which is a new adware currently attacking a lot of computers in various locations. The trouble is that this PUP (potentially unwanted program) often goes closely integrated with other free tools and programs, and when users […]

Browseri_Appe 1.2 ads

Ad by Browseri_Appe 1.2 removal guide

Browseri_Appe 1.2 is a new adware program which may get inside of your PC without your real intention. The problem is that this potentially unwanted application is actively spread nowadays along with many other free programs. So, whenever users download them, they are told about some other related offers. Yet, […]


CostMin ads – how do I remove them?

This is a working guide that will help you to get rid of CostMin ads from your browser. If yo see such ad by CostMin popping up everywhere after you launch your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, this actually means that your system has been affected by this […]

S10 adware

Remove S10 ads from your browser

Some way or another, S10 adware may come into your PC and start displaying many of its ads brought by S10. This surely slows down the performance of your browser and of your PC in general. Many users today would like to uninstall and remove S10 adware completely, but they […]

Ads by Trust Media Viewer

Remove Ads by Trust Media Viewer

Trust Media Viewer Ads are related to a brand new adware program currently attacking many browsers. Their permanent occurrence is mainly the issue for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, however, other browsers might be under the risk of being attacked as well. If you follow this guide, you […]


Remove Boost Ads (adware uninstall guide)

How to get rid of Boost program? Boost is a new adware, which is very similar to PricePeep. There are some malicious links in the world wide web which are supposed to install PricePeep adware, yet, when the links are clicked and file is downloaded, the installer brings Boost adware […]

Ad by Save On

Remove Ad by Save On from browser

You may see some strange Ad by Save On in your browser. The problem is that this will not be just one ad. There will be many of such Ads by Save On popping up everywhere in your browser. If so, this actually means that your browser has been infected […]

Browser Hero adware

Remove Browser Hero Ads (adware)

Do you see strange Ad by Browser Hero in your computer? The sad fact is that this is not just one ad, but rather the legion of them in your PC. The large number of such pop-up ads is caused by the annoying activity of Browser Hero adware which is […]