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PayLessWizard Ads

Ads by PayLessWizard (removal tool)

PayLessWizard adware is very much similar to OffersWizard described by us in one of the articles before. The aim of this adware is to display all sorts of intrusive ads in your browser in order to make you click them. Generally these ads are displayed in browsers like Internet Explorer, […]

Ads by Fraven

Remove Fraven Ads effectively

Fraven Ads may appear in your browser. This actually means that the PC has been infected with Fraven adware. Many users don’t really know how this potentially unwanted application could come into their PCs. Yet, they are united in their hatred towards this adware, its many offers, deals and pop-ups. […]

Better Deals virus

Better Deals – how to remove them?

Better Deals adware isn’t better from any other annoying adware. It is equally annoying to all users. These deals, offers and pop-ups displayed by Better Deals don’t really furnish you with ways of saving more funds when shopping online. Neither will you get any decent deals that would be better […]

SelectionTool Ads (adware)

Ads by SelectionTool (removal instructions)

SelectionTool is an adware which is quite new even to adware researchers like our blog. This is a potentially unwanted program which often gets bundled with other free programs downloaded by users from various online software download resources. The truth is that there are very many of cost-free utilities today, […] virus

Remove pop-up is another pop-up window that occurs in your computer as a result of the annoying activity of some adware program currently installed and running on your computer. These pop-ups may be quite multiple, this is why they are very annoying for all users. But the worst part of the […]

Fralimbo adware

Fralimbo Ads (removal guide)

In this guide we will help you to remove Fralimbo Ads from your browser. Fralimbo is a new adware program which may easily make itself a part of your browser and of the PC in general. This unwanted adware intrusion often takes place after users download and install some other […]

Ads by clicknmark

Ads by clicknmark (removal tool)

This guide speaks about the removal tool that is effective to get rid of Ads by clicknmark (also sometimes presented as Click-N-Mark Ads). If you suddenly see this adware in your computer, then you surely need to undertake all the necessary measures to get rid of it from your PC […]

Okiitan ads (adware screenshot)

Okiitan Ads (Removal Guide)

Some way or another you might get Okiitan adware installed and running in your computer. Most probably you wonder how exactly this unwanted application could ever appear in your PC. When we try to ask the same question from our blog visitors infected with adware similar to Okiitan, all they […]