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Remove popup

The pop-up windows from the site are the sign of some nasty and truly very annoying adware program on your computer. Yes, you could get this pop-up window just occasionally (simply by clicking some infected link). Yet, if you see that such pop-ups from this site come up quite […]

ProtectedBrowsing ads

Remove Ads by ProtectedBrowsing

ProtectedBrowsing is the name of another adware program which may annoy you with its presence on your PC. As a result of its installation, you will see that some words of the websites you visit have been converted into links. When moving the PC mouse towards such words you will […]

Ads by MarkKit

Ads by MarkKit – how do I stop them?

Ads by MarkKit is a potentially unwanted program classified as adware. Its presence in your PC is a result of you installing some other free programs into your computer. As a result, all your browsers installed on the PC will be affected. When you open them to look for some […]

Wisen Wizard adware

How to uninstall Wisen Wizard adware

This tutorial is about removal of Wisen Wizard – yet another very annoying and truly potentially unwanted program from your computer. This adware attacks mainly browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, primarily popping up when users visit commercial websites, such as Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Bestbuy, etc. Many […]

Trolatunt Hot Deals

Remove Trolatunt Ads and its Hot Deals

This tutorial is a good explanation on how to remove Trolatunt adware from your system. Trolatunt is yet another potentially unwanted program (PUP), which has been quite active over a couple of past months. This useless program is often integrated with many other cost-free utilities downloaded by people online and […]

Free_Ven_s_pro 25 ads

Remove Free_Ven_s_pro 25 pop-up ads

Free_Ven_s_pro 25 ads may pop up in your browser affected by adware. As a result, whenever you open any websites (not necessarily the commercial ones), you will see sudden pop-ups titled as ‘Click to continue > by Free_Ven_s_pro 25‘. Such ads will pop up just everywhere around, irrespective of the […] pop-up

Remove pop-ups is a misleading pop-up caused by adware. It is presented with an offer to Install Flash Player, yet this is an absolutely fake Flash Player you don’t really need for your PC. Sometimes, when browsing the web, the similar pop-up may appear, saying you need to download some sort […]

Ads by NewPlayer pop up

Remove Ads by NewPlayer (adware)

There’s a danger if you face certain Ads by NewPlayer coming up periodically in your browser. This actually means that your computer got infected with adware that bears such a name. It doesn’t really have anything to do with any decent video or audio player. Yet, very often the adware […]