Category: Adware pop-up virus

Remove pop-up virus stands for a very annoying pop-up that appears in browsers infected with some serious adware program. For example, BetterSurf, Ads by Media Player, Ads by Media Viewer and other adware applications actively bombard your screen with pop-ups related to this website. In this guide you will find out how […] pop-up

Remove pop-ups stands for a special pop-up windows that appears as a result of some adware program installed and actively running on your computer. In particular, we’ve noticed this pop-up showing when our PC was infected with an adware program called Ads by Media Player. So, it is quite obvious right […]

Highlightly pop-up

Remove Highlightly adware program

Highlightly is the name of another adware program which can be installed into your PC as a consequence of you installing some other software. Generally this may take place after downloading and installing free programs, which you could find at some freeware download resources. Please use this guide that will […]

Ads by MediaPlayerEnhance adware

Ads by MediaPlayerEnhance removal tool

If you see strange Ads by MediaPlayerEnhance in various corner of your screen, this isn’t a good news for your computer. Ads by Media Player Enhance is the name for the new, quite nasty adware program currently attacking many browsers. These ads show up on a random basis, and truly […]

Fassurun Deals and Ads

Remove Fassurun Deals and Ads

If your computer is infected with Fassurun adware, you will start seeing a lot of Fassurun Deals and Ads popping up. This happens when you visit commercial websites like Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Bestbuy, etc. These pop-ups related to Fassurun adware program are multiple, this is why they’re surely very annoying […]