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Astromenda Search browser hijacker
Browser hijackers

Remove Astromenda Search virus

Astromenda Search stands for a new annoying browser hijacker. These days it targets the majority of popular browsers, such Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is basically the same thing as Groovorio Search or Speedial Search browser hijackers. Users can get rid of it in a manual way, […]

iStartSurf redirect problem
Browser hijackers

How do I remove iStartSurf virus?

We devote this guide to iStartSurf removal. We hope that your system will not be touched by it, but if you’ve found this guide this probably means that your browser is already infected with iStartSurf browser hijacker. This is a potentially unwanted program attacking Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet […]

1StartPage browser hijacker
Browser hijackers

How to remove 1StartPage virus?

1StartPage is a malicious program classified as a browser hijacker which nowadays attacks a lot of of browsers. Mainly it comes into Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and surely Internet Explorer. Many users today have seen that their browsers have been infected by this malware. Of course, they would like to […]

Only Search hijacker
Browser hijackers

Remove Only Search from browser

Only Search is a browser hijacker, and truly a very annoying program that you and your browser do not need. Yet, this junkware is very often brought into computers together with many other free programs. As a result, this virus penetrates into the majority of browsers,such as Internet Explorer, Google […]

Vi View hijacked the home page of browser
Browser hijackers (Vi-View hijack)

Vi-View is a browser hijacker, and in the past we devoted a special article to its removal. Today it attacks the majority of browsers and amends their homepage into Users who see such changes aren’t satisfied with permanent appearance of this website. No doubt, they would like to do […]

ZenSearch browser hijacker
Browser hijackers

Remove ZenSearch (Uninstall guide)

ZenSearch stands for another sort of a potentially unwanted program classified as a browser hijacker. It often goes bundled with many other cost-free applications downloaded by users. Their intention to actually download some free program is often “rewarded” by some other strange offers from third-parties. Thus, they’re suggested to install […]

Groovorio Search Removal Guide
Browser hijackers

Groovorio Search Removal Instructions

In this guide we will assist you in Groovorio Search removal from browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which are the main target of Groovorio Search browser hijacker. Right now this potentially unwanted program attacks many computers in various locations. Users would like to get rid of […]