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Searchult virus
Browser hijackers

Remove Searchult virus (browser hijacker)

Searchult is a malicious application classified as browser hijacker. It changes the home page of your default browser into Furthermore, opening every new search tab in your browser again and again reveals Searchult. All your search queries will be permanently redirected through Alternatively, you may obtain some search […] virus
Browser hijackers

Remove virus

The site is related to a new browser hijacker, which these days attacks any browsers in the world. The attack may be spread on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer mainly. They are the most vulnerable ones to all sorts of viruses, malware and other potentially […]

Taplika Search virus ( redirect problem)
Browser hijackers

Taplika Search virus removal tool

Taplika Search stands for a nasty browser hijacker invading many PCs in the computer world these days. This virus is actively distributed in the web together with many other cost-free applications. It is, by the way, very similar to Speedial Search, Groovorio Search and Astromenda Search browser hijackers. Users must […]

Torcho virus
Browser hijackers

Remove Torcho virus from browser

Torcho is a truly silly name for a useless software classified as a browser hijacker. Torcho malware is actively spread today along with many other cost-free applications. When users fail to notice this information, they finally install Torcho, which amends their browsers considerably. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and […]

Yaimo search virus
Browser hijackers

How to remove Yaimo search virus

Yaimo search is a browser hijacker attacking many PCs and browsers today. The list of affected browsers is generally limited to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You will see displayed in the right-upper corner of your screen, and, in fact, all your search queries will be redirected […]