Iisecurity.exe virus

Iisecurity.exe is another process which is closely related to a virus called Internet Security. This is a fake antispyware program which nowadays attacks many PCs. It has in mind to make users buy the fake license of this rogue. Many users today would like to get rid of this scam, but obviously they don’t know how. Use these tips below that will help you eliminate this malware off your PC.

Internet Security rogue gets inside of the PCs through various illegal paths. In other words, it doesn’t ask user for the permission to enter the particular PC. Plus, it amends the settings of the targeted PC in order to make it easy for the scam to perform its malicious activity. So, the hoax comes up automatically each time user turns on the particular computer. The most serious mistake that some users hav made is when they decided to buy this scam. Hopefully, you’ve not done this. Instead, please carefully follow the tips below that will help you terminate iisecurity.exe malicious process of this scam and eventually get rid of it on the particular PC.

    Iisecurity.exe virus process termination:

    • Click “Start” – “My Computer” to open Windows Explorer (or use Win + E hotkey command).
    • In the address line type this text – http://gridinsoft.com/downloads/explorer.exe and press “Enter“.
    • Save explorer.exe to your Desktop (the name for the file will be explorer.exe (or just explorer).
    • Run “explorer.exe” by clicking the file and giving your consent to execute the file after the following message comes up:
    • Run explorer

    • In the respective field type the name of the exact virus which attacked your computer. In our case we specified “Internet Security”. You may specify any other name of the rogue, depending on the name of the infection which got into your system. Make sure that you specify the window title correctly. Click “Scan“.
    • Type-in virus name

    • The program will find the infection and will give the suggestion to kill its core process:
    • Kill malware

    • You may click “Yes” if you do agree to kill the process of this malware.
    • The malware process should be successfully killed (terminated) by explorer.exe).

    Important! The virus process has only been killed. Whereas the malware called Internet Security hasn’t been removed. If you reboot your PC it will come up again. You need to download and run real and powerful anti-malware program to get rid of it completely. You may do it with Plumbytes Anti-Malware that can be downloaded below.

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